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Planning for retirement, saving for your children's education, and having a reliable asset base to draw upon for unforeseen emergencies are just some of the financial burdens you may face. If not carefully considered, planning for the future may seem overwhelming.


The professionals at John R. Waters & Company can help you face financial planning with confidence. We understand the importance wealth management plays in increasing your net worth and can work with you and your advisors in everything that will affect your wealth. The wealth management model seen below demonstrates the three major components of this process. These components are all important to the balance of the wealth management process.


For more information about each component of the wealth management process, please click on the diagram below.


"Reliability is the foundation of any business or personal relationship. Waters' reliability means I have more time to serve my clients."
Steve Filipowski, Partner
Shaheen, Novolelsky, Staat, Filipowski & Eccleston

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