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At John R. Waters & Company, we work closely with clients in all aspects of their financial lives. As experienced accountants, as well as business and financial advisors, we have developed long-standing relationships with our clients over the years. We value the trust our clients place in us and believe that this trust is developed over time through the consistent well informed guidance we provide. A typical relationship at John R. Waters & Company lasts over 20 years. These relationships are based on mutual respect and trust, independent impartial advice, personalized service, and professional practices that follow the spirit, not just the letter of accounting industry guidelines and regulations. We work with businesses and their individual owners to maximize the profits of privately held small and mid-sized companies. We work with individuals to help them build and manage their wealth throughout their working lives. We also help them establish and manage trusts and estates so their wealth is successfully passed on and they are able to ensure the future financial security of their families. By providing all the accounting and advisory services our clients may need, as business owners, individuals, and heads of families, we can help them integrate all phases of their financial lives, and achieve the highest possible return on their efforts and success, both professionally and personally.

"Relationships are what business is built on. The key aspect to building a great relationship is time."
Jim Gorand
Client over 10 years

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