John R. Waters & Company was established by our founder John Waters in 1971. Prior to the formation of the firm, John spent over 20 years in public accounting for small, midsize, and large firms. During his first two decades as a CPA, John developed a set of strong beliefs on how clients should be served. Having seen the advantages of a small firm atmosphere, John decided to start his own firm based on the principles he found fundamental to business. Appreciating the beliefs that John found so important, the clients he served came with him. Many of those business clients remain with the firm today.

Throughout the next decade, John continued to grow the firm and in the mid 1980's brought on two partners, James E. Murphy and William W. Hogan. John continued as the managing partner before taking a more advisory role and transferring ownership in the early 1990's to James and William. John continued with the firm in this capacity until he passed away in 2002.

Under the leadership of James, as the tax and administrative partner, and William, as the assurance partner, the firm continued to grow, having clients throughout the United States. These roles continued until 2007 when William passed away.

The principles and beliefs of John Waters continue to be passed down to the current generation of CPA's by James Murphy.

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