Wealth Management

Estate & Trust
Ensuring the majority of your assets are transferred to your heirs when you pass on requires planning. For over thirty years, John R. Waters & Company has been assisting clients in establishing and managing estate plans and trusts. Over one third of our practice is devoted to estate and trust work.

Services we provide include assisting you in developing a sound estate plan and setting up trusts, acting as trustee, or working with your designated trustee. We periodically review your plans and trusts to ensure they meet your changing needs and the changing tax laws.

Additionally, we can provide family office assistance. Family office services include managing and paying your bills, overseeing your investments, providing elderly care, and many other activities you may not have the time or ability to handle.

Financial Planning
Financial planning is an important, but overwhelming process. Deciding how to save and invest your money and how this will affect your tax liability can be confusing. At John R. Waters & Company, we offer an independent objective viewpoint on your financial plan.

Depending on where you may be in the wealth management process, we can work with your planner or provide you with a referral.

"Trust means being 100% comfortable with the people you are doing business with. If I don't have 100% trust, I would take my business elsewhere."
Anthony LoCoco
Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.

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