College/Entry Level FAQ
  1. I have heard horror stories about Tax Season. What can I expect?
    Tax Season is demanding by its nature, but it is by no means grueling or unbearable like it is at some firms. At JRW, our focus is on quality, not quantity, which includes encouraging employees to set realistic extended working hours during busy season. The firm also offers several work/life balance programs throughout the year to balance the increased workload during busy season, including a reduced work schedule during summer months.

  2. What if I don't know whether I want to do Tax or Audit?
    The great thing about our firm is you don't have to choose Audit or Tax. As a staff accountant, you will get to do both. As you progress through the firm and move into a management position, you will have the opportunity to define and develop your skills in one specific area.

  3. What kind of training will I get?
    We provide training in three key areas. The first is in firm processes and procedures. This training is provided during your orientation. The second is hands on training, which consists of the majority of your training. As you are assigned engagements, you will be given one-on-one guidance on each project by the supervisor in charge of the engagement. In some cases, you will be working directly with a partner. The third level of training is external. As you prepare to sit for the CPA exam or once you have sat for the exam, we provide our team members with resources for ongoing continuing education and training.

  4. How soon will I get to work with clients?
    Immediately. All of our team members interact with our clients directly. As a staff accountant or an intern, you will have the opportunity to speak with our clients as necessary for an engagement you are assigned. As your responsibility grows, so too will your contact with the client and the impact you have.

  5. Do you provide Educational Support?
    Yes, the firm provides educational support. Furthermore, we provide time off and/or flexible scheduling for those team members that need additional hours to sit for the CPA exam, need to take the CPA exam or are pursuing additional certifications.

  6. Will I be working in teams or individually? If I am working in teams, who will I be working with?
    Both. It really depends on the engagement. Most of our assurance engagements are completed in teams with a Senior Staff Accountant or Manager leading the engagement and at least one other person. Our tax preparation services are usually performed independently, although typically you will have interaction with our tax manager and partner.

  7. What are the advantages of working for a small firm as opposed to a larger firm?
    There are many advantages to working for a small firm as opposed to a large firm. Some of our top 5 include:

    1. Build experience in more than one practice area or industry
    2. Have direct interaction with Partners and Senior managers
    3. Have more ownership of projects and engagements
    4. Opportunity for advancement and increased responsibility is faster
    5. Your efforts and contributions are recognized and not overlooked