Experienced FAQ
  1. How does your tax season compare to the industry and what can I expect?
    Tax Season is demanding by its nature, but it is by no means grueling or unbearable like it is at some firms. At JRW, our focus is on quality, not quantity, which includes encouraging employees to set realistic extended working hours during busy season. The firm also offers several work/life balance programs throughout the year to balance the increased workload during busy season, including a reduced work schedule during summer months.

  2. How much flexibility do I have in the work I do?
    Whether you are a senior staff accountant or a manager for a specific practice area, all of our team members experience exposure to various engagements and will have the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of industries.

  3. Will I have access to senior managers and partners?
    You will work with Partners and Senior Managers on a daily basis. JRW has an open door policy, which means our partners and firm team members are accessible without having to schedule an appointment.

  4. What if I have unique scheduling needs?
    We will work with our team members as necessary to meet their unique scheduling needs.

  5. How much interaction will I have with clients?
    Our team members are a key component to the relationships we have with our clients. As a member of an engagement team, your responsibilities will dictate the level of interaction you have with the client. As your responsibilities with a client grow, so too does your relationship with that client. We don't leave the talking and interaction just to the partners.

  6. What type of clients will I be working with?
    JRW works with privately held middle market companies across a variety of industries and professions. As a team member, you will get the opportunity to work with many different companies and industries.