You are driven, independent, and value a balance in life. You desire to truly make a difference in the organization you choose to work for and in the lives of the clients you will be serving.

John R. Waters & Company offers you an environment that fosters independent thinking and personal development, provides broader experiences, gives you flexibility, and provides you with an opportunity to make a difference.

Personal Development
Where do you want your career to take you? John R. Waters & Company lets you decide by giving you the reigns to build your own career path. We provide you with unique projects that challenge what you have learned and allow you to build your knowledge and experience. You will learn and interact with partners and senior managers throughout all aspects of the projects you are assigned, all while gaining valuable insight into your own personal development. Through our internal and external training programs, you will have the opportunity to build and develop your management, leadership, technical and marketing skills.

Broad Experience
What do you want to do? Tax or Audit are the common areas most accounting students are expected to choose based on a few classes they had while in school. Some are even expected to choose an industry. How do you know which is right for you? What if you want to do both? What if you want to work with a variety of companies?

John R. Waters & Company offers the unique alternative to the common dilemma many students face. We don't make you choose. We give you the opportunity to experience all areas of public accounting and work with a variety of businesses. As a staff accountant or intern, you will gain a broader base of experience and will work in all areas of tax and assurance services.

Life is about more than just working, and we understand that. Work hard, play hard- that is the John R. Waters & Company philosophy. We provide our team members with a variety of work/life balance programs, including four day work weeks from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For our interns, we offer even more flexibility by giving them the ability to adjust their schedules around their classes.

Make a Difference
As an employee, you will have the opportunity to make a difference through consistent and direct interaction with the owners and staff of our clients. As you continue to work with these clients, you will develop advisory relationships that allow you to assist them in making complex business decisions.