John R. Waters & Company values each one of our employees. Whether you are a new graduate, a seasoned professional, or an operations team member we provide you with programs and benefits that will help you build your career and enrich your life.

Health & Welfare
We provide comprehensive health coverage for all of our full-time employees, including:

  • Medical & Prescription Coverage
  • Dental & Vision
  • Long-Term Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability

Flexible Time
We offer all full-time employees flexible working days from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Each employee that worked the previous tax season is given the option of taking a full Monday or Friday off or working a half a day Monday and Friday during our summer hours.

Paid Time Off
We offer all employees paid time off based on their years of experience and years with the firm. This includes vacation time, sick days, and personal days. Furthermore, we observe all major holidays.

We encourage and support the involvement of our employees in stewardship throughout the community. Through our sponsorship policy, we provide varying degrees of support for non-profit organizations our employees are involved with.

We encourage all of our employees to pursue certifications and training appropriate to their job position. We provide support by allowing for time to prepare and take certification exams during paid working days, financial support, and incentives for certain certifications.

Professional Development
The firm supports the professional development of all our employees and encourages outside participation in organizations that benefit the firm and that are appropriate to the employees' job positions. We provide financial support for these organizations and paid time during working days to attend events associated with these organizations.

We believe ongoing training is critical to the development of all our employees. We provide a variety of opportunities for employees to participate in ongoing training through internal sponsored programs and external sponsored programs, including training necessary to maintain certain certifications.

We provide all of our full-time employees an opportunity to participate in the John R. Waters & Company Savings Plan upon meeting eligibility requirements. This plan is geared at helping our employees reduce their taxes and save money for their future.